080G0289 AK-PC 351 Контроллер давл. и темп. Danfoss

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AK-PC 351 is used for capacity control of compressors and condensers in small sized refrigeration systems and covers applications with one suction group and a condenser.AK-PC 351 can control up to 4 compressors and supports a variety of compressor combinations including variable speed and Digital scroll. Condenser fans can be controlled in step (max 4) or via speed control.AK-PC 351 can be fully configured through the built in display. Dedicated wiring and auto configuration of in- and outputs make it easy to setup the controller.
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Тип AK-PC 351
Вес 0.077 [кг]
Аналоговые входы (AI) 4 pc
Аналоговые выводы (AO) 2 PC
Область применения Регулирование производительности
Утвержденный CE, EAC
Capacity control input Pressure/ Temperature
Cap. control mode PI
Тип соединения MODBUS
Compressor capacity mode Step/ Speed/ PWM
Condenser control type Pressure/ Temperature
Тип контроллера PACK CONTROLLER
Цифровые вводы (DI) 8 pc
Цифровые выводы (DO) 6 PC
Дисплей в комплекте Да
Европейский Товарный Номер 5702428843621
Оборудование Incl. Connectors
Fan capacity control Step/ Speed
Fan control mode PI
Частота [Гц] 50/60 HZ
Функция 1 Suction and 1 Condenser
Больше информации Relay 6 solid state type
Mounting method DIN RAIL
Max. number of compressors 4 pc
Тип упаковки Multi pack
Потребляемая мощность [ВА] 9,0 VA
Потребляемая мощность [Вт] 6,0 W
Product features Compressor safety
Product features Fan safety
Product features Floating condenser pressure
Product features High pressure safety
Product features LCD display built in
Product features Low pressure safety
Product features Night optimization
Product features P0 optimization
Product language Croatian
Product language Czech
Product language ENGLISH
Product language Hungarian
Product language Italian
Product language Polish
Product language Portuguese
Product language Russian
Product language Serbian
Product language Turkish
Product language Испанский
Product language Немецкий
Количество в упаковке 16 pc
Supply voltage [V] AC 24 V
Supply voltage [V] DC 24,00 V
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