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080G3180 ERC101 , Контроллер температуры

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The ERC 101 is a multi-purpose electronic parametric controller dedicated to a broad range of applications. ERC 101 meets OEM requirements for timesaving and flexible production setup. The latest generation CPU, plenty of memory and high-end electronic components allow for uniquely versatile application use. Three separate password-protected user levels can be used to control more than 100 different parameters to accommodate any individual customer’s requirements.The IP-rated body, advanced materials and internationally approved hardware design make the ERC 101 ideal for use in almost any climate around the world, indoors as well as outdoors. One relay control features three inputs and is powered by a globally compatible, lightweight, switch mode power supply. All components have been carefully selected to help reduce the CO2 footprint.
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Тип ERC 101A kit
Вес 0.180 [кг]
Аналоговые входы (AI) 2 PC
Область применения GDM&CFF
Утвержденный C UR US, CE, CQC
Тип контроллера Commercial Refrigeration
Цифровые вводы (DI) 1 PC
Цифровые выводы (DO) 1 PC
Display colour Красный
Европейский Товарный Номер 5702428831406
Частота [Гц] 50/60 HZ
Тип упаковки Multi pack
Количество в упаковке 18 pc
Supply voltage [V] AC 100 - 240 V
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