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088H0024 Комнатный термостат FH-WS Danfoss

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The electronic room thermostats FH-WS is used for single room temperature control mainly in water based floor heating systems. The electronic room thermostats FH-WS is a room thermostat with manual night set-back and optional connection for a floor sensor. If a floor sensor is connected min. or max. regulation is selected with a switch depending on the type of floor i.e. wooden floor (max.) or tiles (min.). The thermostat is provided with thermal feedback to improve accuracy. LED behind front cover indicates heat demand. The thermostat is supplied for 24V power supply from the Connection box. Temperature range is 6 - 30°C.
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Type FH Room
CodeNumber 088H0024
Product Room thermostat
Type FH-WS
Description Room thermostat with optional connection
for a floor sensor
Power Supply 24 VAC (50-60 Hz)
Temperature Setting Range 6 - 30 °C
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