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148B5827 Верхняя часть клапана CHV-X 65

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The complete range of SVL top parts offer five different functions: shut-off valves SVA-S and SVA-L, hand operated regulating valves REG-SA and REG-SB, check and stop valves SCA-X, check valves CHV-X and strainers FIA. All five complete top parts fit the same valve body and they all have the same high specification making selection, system design and mounting simple and trouble free. The backbone of the SVL platform is the common SVL valve body, which is available in angleway or straightway execution, and in sizes from DN 6 - DN 125.
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Тип Spare part
Вес 2.8 [кг]
Европейский Товарный Номер 5702428486187
Тип упаковки Single pack
Количество в упаковке 1 PC
Обозначение типа Top complete
Used for product CHV-X 65
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